Brown Recluse Spider in my House


I found this Brown Recluse spider in my bedroom.  The Brown Recluse is a tiny spider, but it also deadly.

As you can imagine, the Thaler’s are not happy about this intruder.  A call was made to Cook’s Pest Control to ensure it doesn’t have any relatives taking up residence in our home.

I am usually the type of person that will not kill spiders.  If they are outside, I don’t bother them.  If they are in the house, I might kill it or I might take it outside.

However, the Brown Recluse is a different story.  This is full on chemical war.  There will be no enemy survivors, all Brown Recluse spiders on our property must die.

23 thoughts on “Brown Recluse Spider in my House

  1. Yikes. I hate spiders. If I saw a brown recluse in my house I’d be tempted to burn the house down and run far far away but I know that would not be the most constructive response.

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    • I am more concerned about the dogs. I have one dog that is only 14 pounds and two that are in the 50 pound range. The other two are over 100 pounds, so they have a high possibility of surviving.


      • Well, you know your situation best, and must do what you feel most comfortable with. And I agree, if the pets are a concern action should be taken.


  2. The brown recluse is scary, but I’ve heard they are very shy. That said, if it feels threatened, it has a potent defense. As much as I’d hate it, if I found them in my house, I’d have to do what you did.

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  3. To be frank I don’t hate the spiders but I avoid them !! 🙂
    Sometimes there are spiders hung at the end of a thread just above your head on the bed while you sleep . They look at you quietl ! 🙂
    Love ❤

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  4. Omg…very scary…you are very brave….I have a friend’s husband who if my own hubby wasn’t around would be my go to person….he’s my spiderbuster:). I don’t think we have brown recluse spiders here…I guess they are called recluse as they don’t like being no in the spotlight! Hopefully you don’t find anymore!

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  5. M Dunphy says:

    It’s not a brown recluse, you idiot. Why did you assume that? because of its colour? And they don’t attack, and they are almost never deadly. Do some research before you spread nonsense.
    The pest company loves people like you. You make then rich.


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