Finding Common Ground on Earth Day

It seems our culture can turn anything into an argument, fight, or protest.  Global warming, climate change, and recycling are polarizing issues.

Maybe we can find some common ground.  Maybe we can learn to compromise for our own personal benefit.  Maybe we can agree, breathing in fresh air feels better than breathing in smog.  Maybe we can all learn to enjoy streets and parks that are not covered in trash or litter.

I think we should be able to work together and clean our environment, regardless of our religious beliefs and political ideations.  Having a clean place to live benefits all of us, so let’s stop fighting and start cleaning.


Happy Earth Day

13 thoughts on “Finding Common Ground on Earth Day

  1. I agree, Lynn! We are visiting a tulip festival today and next month we plan to participate in our city clean up day. It makes me sad to take a walk and see beer cans in the ditches.

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    • I hope your clean up went well. I have participated in a few of those myself and it boggles my mind how adults can be so irresponsible. It also makes me sad, because they set a horrible example for children.

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      • So true. I will never understand littering. Once my husband and I were driving behind someone who tossed a dirty diaper right out their car window.


  2. I so agree …there seems to be so little respect by society today about the need for everyone to take time to do their bit towards keeping our planet in order….so yes, it’s great for this to be taught in schools and hopefully by doing this our young ambassadors will do a good job of this…maybe better than adults of today.

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