Proud Puppy Parent

We took all five dogs to the groomer today.  I was a bit nervous as to how they would behave, so I gave them a lecture before leaving the house.  I told the boys to act like good dogs, and don’t do anything that would embarrass the Thaler family.  I also reminded them of all the training classes they attended over the years, so there is no excuse for acting like wild crazy dogs after I leave them.

At 3:30, we went back to get the boys.  I am proud to report, the dogs did a wonderful job and the workers were pleased with the boys behavior.  I felt so proud of them.  The boys all got extra treats for being such wonderful dogs.

They are an amazing group of dogs.


7 thoughts on “Proud Puppy Parent

  1. Kudos to you for “reading the riot act” to them, reminding them to remember their traditional ning manners etc. And kudos to them for being on their best behaviour. 5 dogs grooming all n one day is no mean feat!

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