Strange State Slogans

There are a few state slogans that seem strange to me.  I was wondering how those slogans came into existence, so I did a bit of online research.


Missouri is know as “The Show Me State.”  There are multiple stories as to how the slogan  came about, but the most popular one involves Willard Duncan Vandiver.  He was a congressman for Missouri from 1897-1903.  During a speech, Vandiver would say, “to convince me, you have to show me.”


Oklahoma is called the Sooner State.  In 1889, the American Indian territory was opened to settlers.  People by the thousands, lined the boarder and waited for the official signal to start the race into the territory.  However, some people went into the territory early and had already laid claimed to some of the land.  They became known as Sooners, because they were to soon.


During the war of 1812, volunteer soldiers from Tennessee displayed great courage and fortitude while fighting.  Tennessee became know as the Volunteer State in honor of those soldiers.





11 thoughts on “Strange State Slogans

  1. Thanks for the information. I always wondered about the Sooners, but didn’t ever take the time to look it up. Sounds like the could have been called the “Cheaters” but then that doesn’t sound as nice. LOL I’m proud to be a Volunteer.

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  2. Very interesting…..and little did I know! I live in BC also known as Beauty fulmB.C. because of its beautiful scenery, where you can ski, surf and swim all in one day…then enjoy a gastronomic delight and after walk the sea wall.

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