Orange Conference 2017 – The Power of Story


I was able to attend the Orange Conference last week in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was a wonderful experience, I learned a ton of new stuff, and I felt inspired to be a better teacher for the children at church.

Each day of the conference was packed with speakers and breakout sessions.  There was so much information, my brain felt like it was overloaded.

Dan Scott gave a presentation on “The Power of Story,” during one of the breakout sessions.

Here are my notes from that session:

  • Story telling is important, because people experience the world as a story.  It is also a phenomenon that is unique to humans.
  • We are wired for stories.  Our brains embed the story as images to improve memory and comprehension.  Stories allow the brain to put facts into context.  Stories also increase the release of dopamine, which helps with long term memory.
  • God used stories to communicate with us.  The Bible is a series of stories.  Our goal in telling stories is to help kids connect how their story, intersects with God’s story.
  • A good story should have a problem and a solution.  The elements of a good story are:  a hero, a guide, a setting, an inciting moment, the hero’s call to action, a conflict or uncertainty, a villain, and a resolution or ending that explains how kids can use the story in their own life.
  • When telling the story be sure to move around the stage to organize the context, use your voice to stress certain points, be excited, and engage the kids.