Dog Forced to Sleep on the Couch

Ben and Blue were sleeping on my bed tonight and all was going well, until Ben started passing gas.

If you have never gotten a whiff of gas from a 120 pound Great Pyrenees, let me tell you it can curl the paint off the wall.  It smelled liked a sewage tank was leaking foul odors into the room.

I told Ben, “I love you boy, but you are going to have to sleep on the couch.”  I walked into the living room with Ben and made sure he was situated and ready to go back to sleep.

The poor dog looked so disgusted.  He was kicked off the bed and forced to sleep on the couch.  Life is hard sometimes.




13 thoughts on “Dog Forced to Sleep on the Couch

  1. I was just looking at this when you came by my place. I feel your pain. Percy the cat does that too. His problem is he tends to do it when picked up. I think it’s on purpose personally!

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  2. travelfeverstories2017 says:

    🙂 :), it isn’t much easier with a tiny 8 kg rescue dog – she is the queen of passing gas, unlike my golden oldie!


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