Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection by Jonathan K. Dodson and Brad Watson


In the beginning of the book, the authors address the issue of questioning the resurrection of Jesus.  They affirm that it is healthy to research and ask questions.  They feel God is big enough to handle our doubts and willing to help us find truth.

The book also covers the importance of the resurrection and how it benefits humanity.  I have listed a few of those benefits and reasons.

  • Jesus died for all humanity, regardless of age, race, ethnic group, political affiliation, gender, culture, sexual orientation, or any other label people may use to describe themselves.
  • Jesus died to, “bear our sins and suffer our exile.”  We now have forgiveness available to us.  The resurrection of Jesus “restores and reunites humanity with God.”
  • Our purpose was restored by the resurrection of Jesus, “We can now live in joyful gratitude for God’s grace, reflecting God’s image by living in dependence of God’s provision for us in Jesus.”
  • The resurrection reminds us of, “the mercy and grace that is bound up in the cross, grace that has the power to change a person through and through, even if that change is a gradual process.”
  • The resurrection proves Jesus has power over death and, “the power of life.”
  • A resurrected savior, “can satisfy our God-sized desires not only in this life, but also in life after death.”

7 thoughts on “Raised? Finding Jesus by Doubting the Resurrection by Jonathan K. Dodson and Brad Watson

  1. Can you please fully explain Number 1 on your list, Lynn as I have never been able to understand this: namely why a blood sacrifice was considered crucial and why as he could not simply forgive humans?


      • Well,apart from the fact that the entire Pentateuch is geopolitical fiction, again, please explain why the character Jesus had to die.( as it certainly has not solved the problem of ”sin”, especially among Christians if US jails are anything to go by! )


  2. I’m glad the beginning of the book gives people permission to question God, because we often do, but then feel guilty about it. I did that, until my husband passed. I did a lot of questioning then. Fortunately, the hospice Chaplin I had told me that questioning God was actually a sign of faith…..afterall, I wasn’t questioning the Easter Bunny.

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