Lost Sock Memorial Day


Today is Lost Sock Memorial Day, and I have a few ideas of what may have happened to all those lost socks.

  • They were abducted by one footed aliens.
  • They went through the lint trap, which created a vortex and ended up in an alternate universe, where people find strange socks they never purchased in their dryer.
  • The spinning of the dryer created a paranormal suction and they are stuck in inter-dimensional space.
  • Kids used the socks to make puppets and buried the evidence in the yard.
  • Dogs used the socks as chew toys and buried the evidence in the yard.
  • The dryer gave the socks as an offering to the God of Appliances.
  • The socks ran away to live the single life.
  • The socks ran off in protest of stinky feet.

If you have any ideas of where all the lost socks have gone, please share in the comment section.


7 thoughts on “Lost Sock Memorial Day

  1. Love it! I also wonder how one sock in a match gets stretched out? Does anyone else ever have this issue? In one of the Halloweentown movies, there was a resident of Halloweentown who collected all the lost socks from both worlds.

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  2. The one left is pink ng for the return of his sibling! And the other one has gone off in search of the others. Some have made their way to the bottom of the Landry basket waiting eagerly and patiently to be matched with another lost sock. Then there are those who know if they can just stay hidden in the drawers they won’t end up being used as a duster…the latter being one of my favourite uses for the odd sock:)

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  3. I like the alternate universe theory. I think maybe they are practicing for a magic act and don’t quiet have the reappearing part down pat yet. That’s why, sometimes they will turn up weeks later.

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