Cemetery Strolling

Have you ever strolled through a cemetery?  I do it occasionally.

Sometimes I walk around old cemeteries and think about the people buried there.  I wonder about their lives, their ambitions, and their fears.

Sometimes I walk through cemeteries to admire the headstones.  Over the years, I have seen some headstones that are truly amazing.

Yesterday, I was wondering around the Athens City Cemetery and took a few pictures.

12 thoughts on “Cemetery Strolling

  1. In older cemeteries with lots of mature trees, you can enjoy watching birds and squirrels as well. This time of year, you can enjoy them pairing up and raising their families as well. It’s very relaxing.

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    • Sometimes, I stroll through the older cemeteries as well. I tend to pay more attention to the dates in the older ones and think about what their life must have been like.


  2. Yes strolling through a cemetery can be an interesting walk…sometimes helps individuals to revisit their own life and longevity. I visited my mums grave in 2016 with my younger sister and my young niece and my younger brother….for me it was as always hard since it brought back sad memories but for my younger siblings and niece it bought peace, especially as it enabled them to say goodbye knowing this was something they had never done since she died in 1961. …….thanks for sharing the photos.

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  3. I like to stroll through cemeteries sometimes too. The most interesting thing that I found was the gravestone of a man, beside him was his wife, and on the other side was his consort! And, this was in either the late 1800’s or ealy 1900’s. Just found that interesting.


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