A Healing (A Mother’s Day Poem)

Forgiveness is hard sometimes. The past can’t be changed, but it doesn’t have to make the future miserable. This is a great post by simplesoulsister.com

a cornered gurl

Mom and I, Mother’s Day Eve, 2017.

A long time coming–
I can look at you
And see peace
Instead of a past
That haunted me.
You are changing, trying
To mother a grown woman
And I allow it.

After all, we
Both have been
Yearning to heal.
Strength has kicked
Down our doors–
Now is the right time
To grow.

I will follow
If you’ll lead
Me in the direction
That will keep us
On sure paths.
Life is short.

Let’s make the rest
Of it


Mothers: A very Happy Mother’s Day to each of you. Peace and blessings.

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Sorry Mom

Today is Mother’s Day, so I thought it would be a good time for me to apologize to my mom.

Mom, I am sorry for:

  • Hiding rubber snakes in the bed
  • Putting that fuzzy worm on your shoulder
  • Putting fish from the creek into our bathtub
  • All those times you had to visit the principle, because I got in trouble at school
  • Being extremely stubborn and ignoring everything you said
  • Putting a plastic spider in your hair
  • Hiding my brother in the shrunk
  • All those speeding tickets I go as a teenager
  • Being rebellious and obnoxious

It didn’t matter how much trouble I caused, how mischievous or reckless I behaved, you where always there.  You never abandoned me or gave up on me.  You are an awesome mom and I love you.