Walking Biohazard

This morning, I woke up with crusty junk caked on my left eyelid and my eye was itching like crazy.  Unfortunitly, I have conjunctivitis (aka: pink eye).


Conjunctivitis is highly contagious, so my family and friends immediately started to distance themselves from me.  Basically, they  would prefer to have no contact with me while I am infectious.

I don’t really blame them.  After all, I am a walking biohazard at the moment.

10 thoughts on “Walking Biohazard

  1. I was a teacher for 33 years. Kids are germ generators and carriers far beyond what we think normal or respectable limits. Pink eye at least twice a year and at least 4 colds a year. Always ate up my paid sick leave and took days off no pay. Since I have retired in 2006 I have not had pink eye and just a few colds. Of course not working keeps me out of closed areas. Since I started drinking bottled water a dozen years ago that really reduced the number of colds. The doctor says there is no relationship since flu and cold germ are airborne pathogens. Well my routine begs to question that.

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