Old Family Photos and Family Legacy

A few days ago, I posted a couple of photos of Mom and Aunt Kathy.  While I was looking for those pictures, I came across a few photos of my grandparents (Frank and Edith Lynn) and my great-grandparents (Otis and Ollie Lynn).







I look at these photos and wonder about their lives.  They were just doing normal things, going to school, getting married, raising their children, and working at various jobs.

However, time moves quickly.  Their children grew up, moved away, and had their own children.  Those children also grew up, moved away, and had their own children.  And so it continued….

My great-grandparents and grandparents are no longer living.  However, their legacy is still here.  It continues through stories, pictures, even some character traits that seem to be genetic in nature.

Even when there is nobody left that remembers them, their legacy will continue to live on in our family.

7 thoughts on “Old Family Photos and Family Legacy

  1. I enjoy old family photos and trying to sort through the tiny bits I know about those younger versions of people I only knew as old and those even older people I only knew as tidbits mentioned by those old people I knew.

    Whew! I mean, there’s a photo on my wall of two young women – possibly my grandmother and her favorite sister, Margaret, but definitely two girls from my grandmother’s family – dressed as a cowboy and an Indian maiden. It is a photo postcard, something I have no doubt caused either concern or laughter when another copy arrived in Scotland, where some of the family still lived.

    As immigrants, my grandmother and her family came to America twice. The first time, they all packed up and returned to Scotland because of an economic crisis in the 1890s. The second time, 1903, they stayed and became Americans.

    The postcard may have been their way of letting the family in Scotland know that transformation into becoming Americans had taken place. Or, knowing my Grandmother and Great Aunt Margaret, it may have been their way of scandalizing the same family in Scotland! (I like possibility Nr. 2!)

    In this instance, correct identities and the story behind the postcard are lost in time, and the photo is the tidbit of information onto which I can hang my version of family history or just wonder what that history might be. That said, thanks for sharing your family photos! Great fun, Lynn!

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  2. I love these old pictures. Edith and Frank look like an interesting couple. I have pictures of my great-great grandparents before the family immigrated from South Russia to Canada. Like you, I often wonder what they were like.

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  3. I love old photos. It is something that the next generation is not going to have – in this digital age. They will have the digital versions, but there is something about finding an old photo. We have found a couple of tin-types of my dad’s family, but have no idea who they are.

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