Rude Comments

I have a question for my blogger friends.  Have you ever gotten rude comments on one of  your blog posts?  If so, did you respond or just ignore it?

I’ve had a few on my blog.  For example, I have been called an idiot and I was told my blog is full of useless drivel.

I just ignore such comments.  If the person had some constructive criticism, then I would pay attention.  However, saying mean things to people while hiding behind a computer screen is something a coward would do and it has no effect on me.


29 thoughts on “Rude Comments

  1. For the first reply of a person I use moderation.

    If somebody starts to be rude iT is the opinion of that person.
    But If iT is only cursing and swearing that person is blocked by me.

    Kind regards,

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  2. I only started my blog and haven’t had any yet, but I think if I do get any I would just delete the comments since I want my blog to be a happy and positive place for me (and others!!) I know they’d just get me down if I reply, there’s no point anyway… they’re not worth the attention

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  3. Samantha says:

    I had someone tell me my blog was “okay, but filled with spelling mistakes”. Seeing as I use two spell checks this seemed a bit funny. I think he/she was confused because I use British English spelling, maybe. I chose to ignore the comment and had it removed from my blog.
    I also got into a “fight” once with someone who misread one of my reactions to his comment and started insulting my whole country as a result. After we settled I removed all those comments as well.

    Constructive criticism is fine, as long as it’s properly and respectfully put. Insults or negativity is removed. And it hardly ever hits home, tbh. An anonymous person calling me names… First of all I’ve heard them all already and secondly I couldn’t care less what a stranger thinks of me, only to (presumably) feel better about themselves.

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  4. All of my comments await moderation, so if anything is out of sorts, I delete it. I’ve only ever had two rude comments, thankfully, but some people just have no respect.

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  5. I chose to moderate all comments on my blog before they appear. I mark all rude comments as spam and send them to my WordPress spam folder. That way, any other comments from the same person are likely to end up in the spam folder. Don’t react to any rude comments. Unfortunately, trolls are always on the lookout for people they can argue with. The one thing they hate is being ignored, so my advice is not to respond to them.

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  6. Yes, I’ve gotten rude comments on my blog before. I was called a sore loser and told to go back to the mental hospital I was in because I was released too soon. Then I wrote a blog about someone who made rude comments. to me on Facebook. That person then came on my blog to make more rude comments and to threaten to call the police on me and my friends. I engage with rude comments because I’m stubbornly argumentative but I know it’s better to just ignore them. Hugh is right that trolls can’t stand to be ignored so you’re getting to them more by doing that.

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  7. Not so much on my blog, but I used to play World of Warcraft for 10 years, and it took a long time to learn to ignore trolls and hateful, insecure people. Responding never accomplishes anything, since unconstructive engagement and an emotional rise is exactly what they are looking for.

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  8. Pat Mayfield says:

    Be confident….I am and many are enjoying your blog. People that are not confident many times are rude and jealous. Ignore or pray for them.

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  9. KIA says:

    I usually try to challenge the commenter to moderate themselves in the discussion and adjust their tone or language. But if that doesn’t work, I won’t delete them, I just ignore them without response. Except in very rare occasions. I’ve only had to block one person in 4yrs and three different blogs.

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  10. I’ve never had rude comments or anything. I like a good debate and to share views ect. Most of the negative stuff goes into the spam section anyway. So otherwise I just ignore anything that’s not very nice and block them from all asspects of my social media.

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  11. Don’t feed the trolls. I just delete the offending comments without comment (or mark them spam). Their whole purpose is to get you to respond and engage in a war of words. When you don’t respond, the go elsewhere. If you need to, you can set WordPress to require all comments to be moderated before posting.

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  12. Trolls are just mean for the fun of it. I’ve only had one, on a previous blog I kept. I chose to respond respectfully but in hindsight I should’ve just deleted their comment. It’s not worth engaging them. As my husband likes to say, “You can’t argue with stupid”!

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  13. Doesn’t seem your blog is the type to invite that kind of response. Weird.
    That being said, on my “Bad Theology” series, I’ve gotten a couple questionable comments. Sadly, they were by Christians — or at least they claimed to be. Which now that I think about, it may explain why I haven’t posted on that series for awhile.
    Sorry you’re having problems. Best to move on and focus on the good. There’s far more of it, though at times it doesn’t seem that way. 🙂

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  14. Yeah I get them from time to time. If they are constructive I’ll leave them up. If it just insults I delete. Sad people feel a need to insult a reviewer for expressing their opinion about a work of fiction, but I guess it is merely a part of life. 😦

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  15. I am fairly new to blogging, and, knock on wood, so far have not had any negative comments. I do have my blog set up to approve all comments, so, if I got a rude one from some unknown person, I just wouldn’t approve it.

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  16. I don’t get many comments but if I got comments from trolls I’d block them. Constructive criticism is fine, even if it’s difficult to swallow sometimes. I’m quite opinionated so I have to count to 10 sometimes before responding!

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  17. I don’t get too many comments. I have never been disrespected but I have received criticize like 2 times or have people disagreed with me. Nobody never disrespected me tho.
    For who ever insults your blog, block them


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