Rescuing a Bee


Various flying insects land in the puppy pool and since they can’t get out, they drown.  If I find one that is still alive, I will rescue the poor soul.

The other day, I found a bee in the pool.  It was desperately trying to get out of the water.  I put my hand in the pool, slowly moved under the bee, and lifted it out of the water.  Then I took the bee to a safe place for it to dry off and rest, while it recovered from the ordeal.


This wasn’t my first bee rescue and if you are wondering do I ever get stung.  The answer is yes.  However, I don’t blame the bee and I continue to rescue them.

I am the Bee Rescuer.  🙂

10 thoughts on “Rescuing a Bee

  1. Glad you rescued the Bee, they can drown in situations like that. I often put a small saucer or plate out in garden with pebbles on it, pour some water on it, then bees can land safely and still get a little drink from it.

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  2. I might save a bee from drowning, but I would put a leaf or something underneath it to lift it out instead of using my hand. I would not risk getting stung. My husband and I once rescued a racoon that got it’s head stuck in a jar. I felt so sorry for it. It had obviously been stuck for a while and was weak from the ordeal. We gave it water after we got the jar off (had to gently break it). After a couple of hours it got up and wandered off.


  3. So lovely to know the bee lives for awhile longer…thanks to all the bee rescuers…I rescued one from my family room recently….picked it up on a newsletter and placed it on my patio….I was happy to do this since it was not able to manage the steps out of the windowsill.


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