International Harvester by Craig Morgan

I prefer living in rural communities.  As you drive away from the city, there are fewer and fewer cars on the road.  There are also long stretches of road surrounded by woods and fields.  However, traffic jams can still happen even in the middle of nowhere.

4 thoughts on “International Harvester by Craig Morgan

  1. I so agree….I had a lovely trip to Comox and Campbell Rver BC on Vancouver Island and got chance to take a ride out to Local lakes as well as have coffee by the Pacific Ocean…..just had a few hours wait on the Mainland for a seems everyone else had the same plan to leave city traffic and congestion behind too! So very worth the wait tho for sure…..BC is known as Beautiful BC fir good reason….natural old growth forests, oceans, mountains and lakes just some of the benefits of living here….off to some more Island planning:)

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  2. Love the song. I live in a rural area with windy roads. So, if you get behind a tractor or other farm equipment, you are likely to be there a while. I usually try to leave early for appointments during certain seasons of the year when the farmers are most active.


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