Thoughts on Homeschooling

Homeschooling can be a good thing for the child or it can be a disaster.  I know several people that were homeschooled and I have seen the end results.

In some cases, the parents put everything they had into the child’s education.  They hired tutors for subjects they were not qualified to teach.  They signed the kids up for all sorts of educational community programs.  These children were able to attend universities and became successful adults.

In some cases, the parents expected the child to complete assignments and learn the information on their own.  The parents put in little to no effort and the children suffered later in life.  They struggled in the workforce, since they did not have a basic education and failed to complete required training programs for their job.

I understand why people feel the government should not be involved in how parents educate their children.  I understand parents want to have the freedom to do what is best for their child, without having to answer to a stranger that knows nothing about that child or the family.

However, I still believe the government should have some kind of system or regulation that allows them to ensure that children being homeschooled are indeed being educated by their parents.  That these children are at the very least learning basic information that they will need to survive in the adult world.

I also fear some of these children are living in abusive households and keeping them away from public schools prevents other adults from noticing suspicious behaviors or injuries.  This allows the abusive parent to continue without ever being investigated by the local authorities.  Without any government agency to check on the child, they will be trapped in that abusive home.

What are your thoughts on homeschooling?  Should it be regulated or should parents be allowed to educate their children without any government interference?