Thoughts on Homeschooling

Homeschooling can be a good thing for the child or it can be a disaster.  I know several people that were homeschooled and I have seen the end results.

In some cases, the parents put everything they had into the child’s education.  They hired tutors for subjects they were not qualified to teach.  They signed the kids up for all sorts of educational community programs.  These children were able to attend universities and became successful adults.

In some cases, the parents expected the child to complete assignments and learn the information on their own.  The parents put in little to no effort and the children suffered later in life.  They struggled in the workforce, since they did not have a basic education and failed to complete required training programs for their job.

I understand why people feel the government should not be involved in how parents educate their children.  I understand parents want to have the freedom to do what is best for their child, without having to answer to a stranger that knows nothing about that child or the family.

However, I still believe the government should have some kind of system or regulation that allows them to ensure that children being homeschooled are indeed being educated by their parents.  That these children are at the very least learning basic information that they will need to survive in the adult world.

I also fear some of these children are living in abusive households and keeping them away from public schools prevents other adults from noticing suspicious behaviors or injuries.  This allows the abusive parent to continue without ever being investigated by the local authorities.  Without any government agency to check on the child, they will be trapped in that abusive home.

What are your thoughts on homeschooling?  Should it be regulated or should parents be allowed to educate their children without any government interference?


21 thoughts on “Thoughts on Homeschooling

  1. It is too weird that you just posted that. My neice, who is 13, has been telling her mother that she wants to be homeschooled. I was literally just about to look up home schooling info. Last weekend, some kids from her school attacked her and her friend. She got a big bruise on her face and a fat lip. And I don’t blame her one bit for being scared and not wanting to see these girls everyday when school starts. But my concern is that my sister, who is the best mom in the whole world, isn’t the strictist with her kids. I worry that my niece wont put in the work, and like you said, suffer in the end. I’m looking forward to reading the comments on this post!

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    • I don’t blame your niece either. I think homeschooling is a great option, as long as the parents are willing to put in the extra effort. I would also recommend looking into private schools. I know they can be expensive, but some of them do offer scholarships.

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    • I love this analogy- my husband does not go to work with only men and women his exact age who grew up together and live in his neighborhood. Government regulation does not teach children how to live with other people in the real world. Families do that.

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  2. There are public schooled kids who grow up in abusing homes. There are public schooled kids who grow up without learning basic self care and skills needed for the workforce. There are public schooled kids who commit suicide. There are a million public schooled kids who drop out of high school every year. And the government oversees their education. Homeschooling has gotten a bad rap from a few poor examples. There will always be slacker parents. Some put their kids in public school. Some homeschool. My kids have been in both public and home school. I was/am involved as their parent in both situations, but I had no say in what they were taught in public school. No control over the indoctrination. No control over the bullying and increasing safety threats. I couldn’t choose their teachers, teachers who would invest in them as I would. Teachers with morals and high standards. I missed out on so much precious time with my children who only get one childhood. Homeschooling should not be regulated by the government. They’ve done enough damage with public education.

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  3. Anyone who thinks public school makes you better socialized has obviously not been there for a while. It works for some, but those halls are still full of poorly adjusted kids.

    I’ve seen homeschooling used as code for “let the kids run around and do whatever they want”, and I’ve seen homeschooling produce graduates who are better equipped for both the real world and ministry than public schooled kids. Homeschooling COMMUNITIES are amazing. These kids can out-test their peers, swing dance, and lead mission trips. They’re amazing. They just need mature parents who put in the work and connect their students to spiritual leadership and companionship.

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  4. Interesting topic, Lynn. I was told my middle daughter would never function in a school setting and advised to choose private or homeschooling. I chose instead to support her (and her teachers) to help her be successful in a public school setting. Then I became a teacher, and more aware of the homeschooling communities. I saw both children who thrived in such settings and those who lacked basic skills. There is not a one-size fits all answer for education – it is something that we need to continually evaluate and question, in my estimation.

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  5. I homeschooled my children-I was one of the first three in the state to do so. None of us regret a minute of it. NC does regulate. My kids had to take tests every year, even your hoe was inspected. I suppose home schooling parents are like public teachers, some are good and some not. The home schooled children I know have been successful/ Home schoolers pay taxes, yet do not cost the system a dime-I guess as always, it depends on a lot of things For us we loved it.

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  6. I believe NY regulates it too. But while I am not against it, I truly think I am not qualified to teach so I would not home school. It is a full time job and only those who put into it will reap the rewards. Even when all my children were in public school I became an active parent in their school to keep track of exactly what kind of education they were getting.


  7. Yes they should be regulated but regulation should also be in place that makes public schools better in general. That’s one of the reasons I am homeschooling my child for the first couple of years and I’m willing to put in my best efforts to give him a great start.


  8. I do agree sometimes homeschooling can be the wrong thing in the wrong family. But I do think that in the vast majority of homeschool families, it turns out to be a positive experience with many advantages. There should be minimal regulation so the parent can be as creative as they want to be, while being responsible in teaching their kids what they need to know.


  9. I come from two different angles to approach the question of homeschool regulation. I have been homeschooling my sons for seven and eight years, respectively and put two older children thru public school.
    I disagree with some of the statements in the main article. I think with a committed parent running the homeschool, a child can get as good or a better education than in public school.

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    • It’s true that parents are not experts but there are so many resources out there that a parent can teach at the lower levels and assist the child in his learning as he gets to higher levels, as well as utilize outside resources. I think students benefit from bearing responsibility for their own learning and this can make the college transition easier, not harder. I also have a child with autism and he has benefitted from a more flexible hands on approach than would have been offered him in school and still has opportunities to mix with “typical” kids, an opportunity that was essentially denied him in school. I think it should be the parent’s choice and should be regulated minimally, but that it is a serious responsibility and is not for the faint of heart.

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