Alabama War Museum

The Alabama War Museum is located in Madison, Alabama.  The museum is small; however, it has an impressive variety of artifacts and historical items.  They have rotating exhibits that change several times a year, so each visit is an adventure.  Also, the gift shop is amazing and full of unique items.



6 thoughts on “Alabama War Museum

  1. Hey, you did a bang-up job on the photos and descriptions of ALABAMA WAR MUSEUM! Really
    “A # 1”. The museum is small but we are working on that. We are totally self-self funded so the size of our building is up to the amount we can afford. We have only 25% or our relics exhibited due to this fact of size. We have some GOOD NEWS however, as the IRS has just approved our standing as a 501c3 ‘non-profit’ museum! This will allow us to seek from large business foundations, grants that may be enough to get a larger building to where we can display 100% of our relics! That will allow us to have educational workshops and tours as well as the museum. It will be wonderful for the
    younger ones….and adults too! Since we deal with many older relics other than war, we decided to
    ‘tweek’ the name a little bit to expand it. Our legal name now is ANCIENT WARS MUSEUM d.b.a. ALABAMA WAR MUSEUM. We will keep the old one until everyone gets use to the new one. Enjoyed checking in at this site and perhaps may do it again. Capt. James Brocker, CEO @ ALABAMA WAR MUSEUM.

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