The Noticer by Andy Andrews


Jones is one of the main characters in the book.  Jones notices things about people and helps them in times of trouble.  He teaches people how to gain a new perspective on their life.  He shows them how to be the person they want to be.  Many lives were dramatically changed, due to Jones.

A few of the principles taught by Jones are:

  • The struggles of life give us the strength we need to succeed in the future.
  • Read about the lives of great people, read about their struggles, their failures, and their success.  The experience of others is the best teacher.
  • If you continually focus on your needs, you will continually find things you need.  Instead, focus on the blessings you already have in life.  Gratitude will fill your life with happiness and abundance.
  • Happy and enthusiastic people are able to influence those around them.

This was a fun book to read and it’s defiantly a book worth reading multiple times.

4 thoughts on “The Noticer by Andy Andrews

  1. Jared says:

    Just out of curiosity – how many books do you read a year?! I’m always hitting my dedicated reading list, but I’m a slow reader so I don’t wade through nearly as much as I would like!

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    • I read about 30 or 40 books a year. I used to be a slow reader, because I am dyslexic. However, the more time I spent reading the faster I got. Even as a child, I enjoyed reading books. I just kept on reading, no matter how long it took me.

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