Do Good – Be Good

Forty simple, yet significant good deeds:

  1. Smile
  2. Hold the door open for someone
  3. Say please
  4. Say thank-you
  5. Read a book to a child
  6. Give to charity
  7. Volunteer
  8. Send thank-you cards
  9. Visit a nursing home
  10. Recycle
  11. Organize a litter clean-up day in your community
  12. Compliment others
  13. Walk a shelter dog
  14. Learn CPR, you might save someone’s life
  15. Learn pet CPR, you might save an animal’s life
  16. Be willing to forgive
  17. Leave a generous tip
  18. Find and share the positive aspects of a difficult situation
  19. Donate blood
  20. Be an organ donor
  21. If able, park in the back of a parking lot
  22. Share good news
  23. Write positive reviews when warranted
  24. Exhibit gratitude
  25. Call a friend
  26. Hold the elevator door for someone
  27. If you love someone, tell them
  28. Teach children to be kind
  29. Plant a tree
  30. Be a friend to someone that needs a friend
  31. Post positive, inspirational, and motivational things on social media
  32. Invite people over for a movie night
  33. Listen to people
  34. Give flowers to someone, just because
  35. If you have a skill (quilting, woodworking, etc.) teach that skill to someone else
  36. If you have a hobby that you are passionate about, share that with someone else
  37. Register to be a bone marrow donor
  38. Be respectful of other drivers and pedestrians on the road
  39. Donate your hair to Locks of Love
  40. Be willing to apologize

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365 Blog Topic Ideas – Book Review


At times, I feel like my mind is overflowing with ideas.  I can write for hours in a state of frenzy.  My brain is buzzing with blog topics.

There are also times when I can’t come up with a single blog topic.  I look inside myself and there is nothing, except for cobwebs and crickets.  During these phases, I feel compelled to look for inspiration.

I have purchased several books on developing blog post ideas.  My absolute favorite is 365 Blog Topic Ideas by Dana Fox.  The book is full of useful ideas that can be adapted to any niche.  As things change in your life, you can revisit this book and discover new ways of using the same topic.

The book is a great resource and it sits in a prominent place on my bookshelf.


Peace Possibilities

Is peace possible?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, peace is defined as a “state of tranquility or quite; freedom from civil disturbance.”

Humans are social beings with a natural desire to connect, to be a part of a group.  We also seem to have a natural tendency to fear groups that are different and to look down upon other groups.

Peace isn’t easy.  Peace takes work.  We have to look deep into ourselves and confront our own demons, before we can be peacemakers.  To actually have peace in this world, we all must be willing to go through that uncomfortable process.

I fear this world will never be at peace, because there will always be those who are unwilling to work for peace.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of peace?