Dr. Pepper Induced Violence

One day when Aaron and I were teenagers, we woke up irritated with each other.  The whole day was spent arguing and insulting one another.

That afternoon, I went into the kitchen to get a Dr Pepper.  Aaron grabbed the drink out of my hand and started laughing.

The anger welled up inside of me and I decided I had enough.  I responded with one silent explosive episode.  Without saying a word, I punched Aaron in the face and broke his nose.

What happened next took only a couple of seconds, but it played out in slow motion.  Aaron’s body jerked from the blow, which caused blood to splatter on the wall.  There was blood spewing from his nose, running down his shirt, and dipping onto the floor.

Aaron stood there in stunned silence for what seemed like an eternity.  Then all of a sudden he screams out, “My nose!”  Aaron ran into the bathroom and started balling over his injury.

That day became on of those funny stories that was shared between us on a regular basis.  For years, Aaron would tell people not to mess with my Dr Pepper or they might end up with a broken nose.