Periodical Cicada Invasion

Periodical Cicadas spend most of their lives underground.  Depending on their species, they only come out every 13 or 17 years to mate.

I think it’s a fascinating phenomenon.  Millions of these creatures will leave their underground homes at the same time and head for the trees, so they can enjoy the mating season.

Once the mating season is over, they all disappear.  The nymphs (baby cicadas) will burrow underground and stay there for over a decade, until it’s time for the next mating season.

Most people think the cicadas are a nuisance.  They create a lot of noise.  They are so loud, even I can hear them without my hearing aids.  They are also detrimental to the local plant life.

Ok, so they are a bit of a nuisance.  However, they are still fascinating creatures.


I found this one at the miniature golf course located at Insanity Skate Park in Madison, Alabama.  It was getting dark when I took the photo and I only had my cellphone, so it’s not a great picture.  However, you can still get a decent look at it.


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