Not my Ancestors

Learning about your family history can be intriguing.  You might even discover you are the descendent of royalty or some famous historical figure.  However, it didn’t work out like that for me.

My ancestors were coal miners, bootleggers, moonshiners, and honky-tonk musicians.  Oh well, at least they weren’t boring.

6 thoughts on “Not my Ancestors

  1. That’s fascinating roots…I recently discovered my roots spread from Russia through to Chard, Somerset and they were all lacemakers…..which explains my being born in Nottingham, UK…the centre of the lace market industry in the past….even my mother was involved in lace working from home when I and my siblings were young.


  2. I have a few distant relations who refused to say where they came from. Often I’ve thought this is because there were law enforcement agencies that might be interested in where they went. Never been able to confirm that, but sometimes I wonder.


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