Labor Day Poem

Whatever your vocation

Whatever your occupation 

If you’re a teacher or a preacher 

If you’re a plumber or a writer

If you’re a firefighter or a farmer

If you’re a pharmacist or a cosmetologist 

If you’re a dog walker or a truck driver

If you’re a secretary or a missionary

If you’re an anthropologist or a botanist 

If you’re an astronomer or a programmer 

If you’re an engineer or a cashier 

If you’re a psychiatrist or a meteorologist 

If you’re a musician or a technician 

Whatever your vocation 

Whatever your occupation 

You deserve recognition 

Thanks for your contribution 

Happy Labor Day

7 thoughts on “Labor Day Poem

  1. Well said Lynn… a Vocational Employment Specualist I can honestly say it’s not what you do but that you do that can make such a big difference in life……celebrating Labour Day by going to see The Monet Exhibit…..such a great painter and creator of many great works of art…he must literally have worked hard too. Love the caption “work like a Captain play like a pirate”.

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