Hitchhiking Jesus with Sunglasses


While driving through Tennessee, I passed a fence with a large painting going across it.  The painting is a depiction of Jesus hitchhiking and wearing sunglasses.

After much consideration and contemplation, I am still not sure what message the artist is trying to impart to the viewers.

I admit, this painting has me stumped.

13 thoughts on “Hitchhiking Jesus with Sunglasses

  1. kaibruntmyer says:

    Wow what a cool piece! I think this image shows Jesus as the “hipster Jesus”, and kind of speaks to the way we’ve changed Jesus to fit what we want him to be. How maybe we’ve taken the parts we like about him and made him the savior we want..
    OR.. it could speak to Jesus’ ability to meet us where we’re at! And how he’s willing to get down on our level to spend time with us. I’ve been through a similar situation where God really spoke to me about how he gets on my level and sees me https://lifeofkai.blog/2017/08/02/psalm-1-tree/ and it really helped me in my walk! Thanks for sharing that great art!


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