9 thoughts on “Purple Potato Confusion

  1. Just googled it, as I have never seen blue/purple potatoes either. Here is what I found. It’s very interesting. I may have to see if I can find some to try. Did they taste different?

    The differences in color between varieties of potatoes are basically differences in carotenoid and flavonoid content. Virtually all types of potatoes provide significant amounts of approximately seven to ten nutrients. While Americans are accustomed to potatoes with a white inside, potatoes in other parts of the world more commonly have starchy yellow insides. In the U.S. we call potatoes with yellow insides “specialty potatoes.” However, worldwide they are the norm rather than the exception.

    All colorful potatoes provide carotenoids (and some also provide flavonoids) that white potatoes do not. Carotenoids and flavonoids are pigments, and according to nutritional research, they provide us with many health benefits, including cancer protection. For example, the darker the starchy yellow flesh of a yellow potato, the greater quantity of carotenoids, including beta-carotene (and, in some cases, lutein) that is present. The blue in blue potatoes comes from their flavonoid content. Both the flavonoids found in blue potatoes and the carotenoids found in yellow potatoes help promote good health!

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  2. I see them sold here as organic potatoes. Often sold in mixed bag with other coloured baby potatoes. I seem to think anytime me a root vegetable is a different colour they are better for you….so I hope you enjoyed them. I like baked potatoes during the winter with salsa on top….especially healthier than the usual topping of sour cream, butter etc.

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  3. Amazing potato fact:
    Potatoes originally grew only in South America.
    Since their “discovery”, barely 400 years ago, they have spread throughout the world.
    Other New World items unknown 500 years ago:
    Maize (“Corn” in the US) and tobacco.

    Seek peace,


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