First Migraine Episode

Last week, I had a migraine for the first time.

It felt like a vice grip was squeezing the back of my head.  The pain was intense.  I actually screamed and tears were flowing down my face.  I could barley walk, because the slightest movement intensified the pain.  Also, lights and sounds made the pain worse.

As a side note:  I don’t tend to react to pain by screaming.  Last year, I fell and fractured two ribs.  I grumbled a bit when it happened, but there were no tears or screams.  The  migraine pain was exponentially worse than fracturing ribs.

I went to the ER twice that day.  During the first visit, the nurse checked my blood pressure and it was normal.  The doctor prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medication.  I was also given three injections, an anti-inflammatory, Benadryl, and a muscle relaxer.

Twelve hours later, I had another migraine.  The second one was even more painful than the first one.

Mom and Gwen took me to the hospital.  When they checked my blood pressure it was 178/81.  Mom asked the nurse about it, because I don’t have a history of high blood pressure.  The nurse explained that extreme pain can result in elevated blood pressure.

I was given intravenous medications to knock out the migraine and sent home with strict instructions to rest.

I never truly understood the devastation caused by migraines.

To migraine suffers, you have my empathy and respect.  You have to be a strong person to live with migraines.

I also want to say thanks to my family.  They have been a great help.  Mom and Gwen made sure I was able to rest by taking over my household chores.  They also spent hours with me at the ER.  Without them, I am sure my recovery would have taken a lot longer.



7 thoughts on “First Migraine Episode

  1. So sorry about what you suffered! I experience mild migraine headaches along with my fibromyalgia (they actually make food for my writing sometimes 😉 ). Migraines are hard stuff…they certainly have driven me to cry out in prayer many times!


  2. So sorry you had to experience a migraine and hope you don’t get another. My first diagnosed migraine was in college, but they started long before that. When I finally asked my doctor to send me to a neurologist (decades later) they were shocked that no one had ever suggested preventative treatment for my headaches. Have them mostly under control now.


  3. I hope you don’t have any more! I have had migraines for 45 years. Sometimes I go a long time without one. Other times (like now, in the autumn) I have one every few days. One year I had one that lasted 13 days. I can’t take any migraine medication because it can cause abnormal heart rhythm which I have anyway. And I can’t take anymore aspirin or Advil because I took so much over the years that it caused my stomach to tear open. So I just pray. And drink too much coffee, which actually seems to help.


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