Dog Park Disaster

Gwen and I decided to take Joey, Ben, Buddy, and Blue to the dog park.

All of our dogs are well trained.  Joey earned the Canine Good Citizen Certification from the American Kennel Club.  Blue is in advanced classes.  Ben and Buddy are at the intermediate level.

However, sometimes they act like a pack of wild crazy dogs that have never had a day of training in their lives.  Today was one of those days.

  • They were involved in several disagreements with the other dogs.
  • Joey got into a fight.
  • Three of the boys managed to escape the park and create a ruckus by running around and barking at a group of people with their dogs.

Due to their behavior, we had to leave the park early.  The boys still managed to have a great time and are rather pleased with themselves.

Oh well, they are cute and we still love them.

The Official Slacker Handbook


Sarah Dunn is the author of The Official Slacker Handbook.  This book was published in 1994, so some of the information is not applicable.  However, it is an amusing book to read.

It gives advice on how to be a slacker, which jobs are best for the slacker lifestyle,  how to assemble the perfect slacker wardrobe, how to mingle in slacker society, and how to find living accommodations that are suitable for a slacker.

The book also has several quizzes to determine if you are ready to live like a slacker.

It’s a short book, just over one hundred pages, so it is suitable reading for any slacker or slacker wanna-be.