Thoughts on Immigration

Immigration has been a hot topic lately.  I understand why people frown on those that come to this country illegally.  They are often seen as criminals.  However, I cannot fault someone for wanting a better life and for being willing to risk their own lives to provide for their family.
Coming into this country illegally can be extremely dangerous.  People have died when their boat capsized, or from dehydration in the desert.  There is also the possibility of being shot by border patrol agents (official and unofficial).  Yet these people keep coming in hopes of a better future.
Many of them chose the illegal route, because coming into the country legally is not within the realm of possibilities.  The amount of money they would need to do this may even exceed what they would earn in an entire lifetime.
I think immigration reform should focus on a merit system.  People come and apply for citizenship.  They are monitored for a number of years to see if they maintain employment, increase their education or marketable skills, do volunteer work, and stay out of trouble.  This gives people a way to immigrate without having to break any laws.

What are your thoughts on immigration?


8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Immigration

  1. Hi Lynn, I am an international students currently studying in California. I agree with what you saying here. Monitoring new immigrants might work in order to see if they are doing good things or not. I do understand why people frown or look down on new immigrants who arrived illegally, and I also feel bad about how illegal immigration becomes their only hope. Nice post!


  2. A very interesting and thought provoking post, which leads me to ask the questions: What moral criteria should the migrant have to meet and who is to decided on this criteria? And what happens if they don’t live up to this criteria would mitigating circumstance be taking into account such as poverty, racism, discrimination and lack of opportunity? What happens if their behavior is deemed unacceptable are they then deported? Shouldn’t all citizens meet this same moral criteria or risk deportation?

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  3. The 485 Life says:

    It’s a difficult question. Who deserves to be in the US? Merit-based makes sense when you look at individuals. I always end up, however, looking at how US policies have impacted the world– let’s disregard the Middle East and consider Mexico, Central, and Latin America. Many of our operations and policies have ended up destabilizing governments there. Do we bear any responsibility for economic refugees from those countries?

    I can’t begin to answer those questions myself… I just keep hoping someone with the wisdom and knowledge to reform our system with, well, wisdom and knowledge, comes along.


  4. TRUMP just traded the safety and security that made America Great for every LAWBREAKER Obama could find congratulations TRUMP has just made America the home of the LAWLESS! and we will no longer be able to be SAFE in our country! not one person I know agreed with his proposal, cause ours is a SANCTUARY CITY! so we see FIRST HAND the real effects immigration has on America.they act like there are NO LAWS? wonder WHY


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