Traveling With Dogs

Whenever I am traveling, I like to take my dog Blue with me.  Blue is not the only dog I have, but he is the only one that travels with me on a regular basis.

Why do I often leave the other dogs at home?

The answer is not based on favoritism.  Instead, it is based on the personality of the dog.

Blue enjoys traveling and is not easily frightened by new experiences.  Blue is also obedient and has excellent recall, which makes it safer to travel with him.

Before you decide to travel with your dog, consider if the dog will enjoy the trip.  How will the dog react to something they have never seen or done before?  Also, what is the training and obedience level of the dog?  How reliable is the dog when being recalled?

Don’t base your decision to travel with a dog on your desires.  Base it on the safety and well being of your dog.

2 thoughts on “Traveling With Dogs

  1. I so agree…also sometimes if the owners need time to enjoy being places where pets are not allowed….then it’s no fun….so if the pets are left in good care of other family, or a loving pet sitter they can enjoy extra tlc and the comforts of being in their own home:)

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    • When I travel with dogs, I look for dog friendly places to visit. If there are multiple people traveling, we take turns going to no-dogs-allowed places, while others are with the dog. That way, the dog is never left alone during the trip.


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