I Have a Curling Prejudice


I admit I have a bit of a prejudice against curling, because of the whole broom sweeping thing.

When I think of sports, I think of playing games and having fun.  However, curling makes me think of doing household chores, like sweeping the kitchen floor.  That’s not my idea of fun.

What do you think about curling?  If you actually played the game, was it fun?




3 thoughts on “I Have a Curling Prejudice

  1. I grew up in Alberta, Canada where curling is the most popular sport. I tried it a couple of times but didn´t enjoy it. It involves ice and brooms. I hate being cold and I don´t much care for housework. So I am probabñy the only Alberta girl who doesn´t like curling. It is, however, my 89-year-old mom´s favourite Olympic sport and I do cheer for the Canadian team!

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  2. Curling is incredible! It’s really tactical and is one of the few winter sports that Team GB is good at. I didn’t realise the sweepy thing is to polish little ice blobs (technical term) flat. Also I’ve seen people give their kids brooms and tell them to practice curling in the kitchen, which has to be a housework win!


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