Norton’s Pauper to Prince Story

Norton was a homeless dog found living beside a dumpster in Mobile, Alabama.  He was frightened by people, so catching him was difficult.  A veterinarian was consulted and sedatives were placed inside of meatballs, so the rescuers could help him.

Norton was taken to the veterinarian for a check-up and any medical treatment he might need.  Then he was sent to a series of foster homes.  Eventually, he made his way north to Huntsville, Alabama.

Three years ago today, Norton was adopted by Mom.  He now spends his days relaxing, playing, and being pampered like a prince.

Norton has really blossomed in his new home.  He no longer resembles that skittish little dog living beside the dumpsters.  Instead, he is a confident dog that loves to be with people and play with his brothers.

Happy Adoption Anniversary Norton

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