Is True Objectivity Possible?

I try to be objective when considering new information.  I try to place myself in someone else’s shoes when considering their behavior and the alternatives they may have had available to them.

However, I still do not believe true objectivity is possible.  There will always be a part of my history that will influence my discussion making process.

What do you think?  Is true objectivity possible?




3 thoughts on “Is True Objectivity Possible?

  1. I lean your way. As humans, we live in a web of emotional signals. We are always sizing up one another. Attraction, distaste, all the prejudices we hold; our own desires and repulsion are present and involved. Pure objectivity, I don’t think so. But perhaps “truly” is an apt description. We strive to be true to an objective stance for the good of the people involved in, say, a dispute. It seems true objectivity demands stoicism and empathy.

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