Thoughts on Time Travel

If I could create a time travel device, I don’t think I would travel into the future.  I have no idea what I might find.  What if I end up in an apocalyptic wasteland ravaged by nuclear war?

Instead, I would travel back in time.  There are many historical events I would like to witness and experience.  I would like to see the founding fathers sign the Declaration of Independence.  I would like to experience Woodstock.  I would like to listen to Abraham Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address.  I would like to hear Martin Luther King deliver his “I Have a Dream” speech.  I would like to watch the Wright brothers take their first flight.

How about you?  Would you rather travel to the future or the past?

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Time Travel

  1. Appropriately, you can only travel to the past as the future is not fixed, so there’s no telling when or where you’d end up when you don’t know what you’re heading towards, right?

    Unless you’re writing your own time travel story, then any direction is fine.

    Still… given the chance, it’s more logical to go into the past to observe just how much of “history” is true.

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  2. Gosh, I’m not sure I’d want to do either. I’ve had thoughts about the past, “the good old days” in their simplest forms. “Wouldn’t it have been nice to live before telephones?”. Then I think that for every good thing about the past there is a bad one. No phones? Okay, but there’s also no measles or polio or smallpox vaccines, so you can watch your children die from diseases. Listening to Lincoln? Gosh, it would be impressive until I had to count the dead of the Civil War, and witness another hundred-plus years of persecution of persons of color, those with physical deformities, single moms, Catholics. The list goes on.
    The future? As humankind, we are getting closer (though we still have quite a way to go) to becoming one world. Tolerant of nationalities, skin colors, religious differences, gender preferences and the like. In some places, we’ve actually started to recognize the unrecoverable damage we’ve done to our own home, this Blue Ball we call Earth. Sadly, humans are as they have always been, with greed, power and avarice the driving forces of the most influential movers and changers. Maybe the future would see real advances in the use of solar energy, or some other new sciences. Maybe we could figure out how to arrest or even reverse the accumulation of CO2 in our atmosphere. More likely, it has got away from us already, and when the taiga defrosts it will release more carbon into the atmosphere than humans create in ten years.
    And when I got there, if what remains of the world’s bird populations (now down to about a third of what should be here) was gone, along with the last polar bears and a thousand things I am unaware of; and humans (perhaps we will no longer say “men”) have defiled the most beautiful seas with billions of gallons of crude oil (think Alaska National Wildlife Refuge); I would shudder until I discovered we (they/ future us) are still letting children die from cancer and starvation ’cause saving children is not as profitable as drilling for oil. At that point, I’d throw myself into the bay with the oil-soaked pelicans.
    Okay, so maybe I’m taking the time travel thing too seriously…

    Seek peace,


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  3. Me ..I am being selfish …I want to travel to the future …I want to see my grandson grow up, want to see if I might have great, great grandchildren. Want to see my nieces and know they avhiev3d their goals …one of being Olympics swimmer, one of being a marine biologist, one of being a Dr. Yes I definitely like that idea …going back in time …nope not for me.

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