A Writer’s Work is Never Done

Writers spend a lot of time writing, but that’s only part of the job.

Writers must also read constantly.  They should read books, magazines, news articles, fiction, and non-fiction.

Writers need to go out into the world and explore.  Writers need to try new things and have adventures.  If you spend all your time locked up in your house reading or writing, what will you have to write about?

One major benefit of being a writer, I can turn anything into a work related activity.  If I spent the whole day reading, I was working.  Going to the movies, museums, hiking, amusement parks, and having all sorts of adventures may be fun, but it is also research.

As a writer, my brain is always thinking about how I would describe everything I see, hear, or do.

I am a writer and I am always working.



3 thoughts on “A Writer’s Work is Never Done

  1. “Writers must also read constantly.” Many experienced and established authors emphasize that point when they offer writing advice. I’ve seen this advice frequently. Read. Read. Read. I once knew someone who had all these writing plans (even went to writing seminars and writing groups) but never wanted to read anything. They rarely read a book or even magazine. And their plans never moved forward into actual writing either. However, I am sure there are exceptions and some non-readers become successful writers. Just rambling…


  2. I love the idea that anything I’m doing is working.
    Studying the blogosphere, observing photographs, dreaming of a story concept (may be mistaken for napping.)
    Oh (stretch), back to work!



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