4 thoughts on “How to Become a Writer

  1. We’re always so hesitant to call ourselves writers, artists, musicians.
    We say “we dabble at it” or “I’m no professional” or “just an amateur”.
    But what writer did not start out as an amateur?
    What painter did not start by dabbling in paints?
    Are my paintings, poems and photographs any less accomplished than those presented by “professionals”?
    You know, Van Gogh didn’t make much money during his lifetime, devoted to painting full time and supported by his brother in the gallery business. He starved. The starving artist.
    Guess we’ll need to come back after we’re dead to see if any of our amateur dabbling became something considered “professional”.
    If you write, you’re a writer. If you paint, you’re a painter. If you write poetry, you’re a poet.
    Judgement, good or bad?
    Well, I’ve seen a lot of stuff published and hanging in galleries that I would have thrown away if it was mine.

    Seek peace,


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