Blue Ink vs Black Ink

I always write with blue ink pens.  I think the blue ink stand out more, because most notebooks have black lines.  I like how the blue pops out on the page.  Also, blue happens to be my favorite color.

It may seem trivial or weird, but I have a strong preference for blue ink pens.  Does anyone else feel the same way about their ink color, or is it just me?


13 thoughts on “Blue Ink vs Black Ink

  1. I use both blue and black at work because when I am completing paper work I use the opposite color of the other people so what I write stands out from everyone else’s. When I write in my journey I use a pen that has four colors, it has green and red. I use the green and red to add in additional comments and circle what I like and cross out words or phrases I don’t like.

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  2. Oleksii Lialka says:

    Hi! I like and use both blue and black in my daily life. Recently I bought J. Herbin Perle Noire for my Lamy al-star and it looks gorgeous!


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