Milestones into Adulthood

Growing up I looked forward to achieving certain milestones, because it meant I was entering adulthood.  It seemed like it would take forever for me to get a driver’s license, finish high school, and get my own car.  I counted down the years for what seemed like eternity.

However, I achieved those milestones about thirty years ago.  It boggles my mind how much time has passed.  I am now watching my niece become an adult and she too has achieved those milestones.

It just doesn’t feel right.  It seems strange somehow.  Do you know what I mean?



3 thoughts on “Milestones into Adulthood

  1. Yes I have recently decided to retire end of June this year, and have been thinking about my milestones in life… huge milestone was graduating from high school and working as a secretary. Then moving from my home town Nottingham UK to the big city f London in the elate 60s….such an incredible time to live there. Then moving to Vancouver, BC, getting married and having a child, our wonderful son. Seeing Ryan settled and having established his own family was quite something….my pride and joy being my lovely grandson Dylan. Soon plans after retirement might well be yet another move to live on Vancouver Islands West Coast…..and perhaps th3 addition of a new baby ……yes huge and many milestones with more to come …now I am 67 wondering what’s next on my list? Feeling lucky as a breast cancer survivor now for 1.5 years too.

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