Do we really know anyone?

Do you ever wonder about your coworkers, friends, or neighbors?  Who are they really?  Are they what they portray to the world or is there something sinister inside of them?  What deep dark secrets are they hiding?  What traumas or tragedies have they survived?

What about the countless strangers we bump into as we go about our day?  Who are they?  Are they ex-cons, thieves, liars, or murders?  Are they family oriented and community volunteers?  Are they somewhere in the middle?

I wonder about these things.  Do you?


7 thoughts on “Do we really know anyone?

  1. The best thing we can do is know who we are, aim to be as sincere as one can be, not really worry about our co workers past and be part of their positive life …if we do that then one wouldn’t have time to worry. There are people out there who might not meet our standards and have the same values but if that’s the case then just leave them and hope they manage to change their lives to a more positive be.

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  2. …more to point of “who are they with and within themselves ?” without the reflexive rush off to the exciting and abstractly quasi-erotic FEAR and NEGATIVE presumptions FIRST:
    …who is that person when alone in the bathroom gazing into that strange reflection of the neighbor who never goes away in the mirror.
    How are they doing THAT part of their day ? …their year, their season ??
    …these i ask rhetorically, for while i’m interested in the question, i’m looking more for a different answer: maybe a brief flicker of a telling glimpse gets out as that stranger walks by, coyly winking with a smile without blinking
    …and to ask the person that question in a way where they could even just inwardly consider THEIR answer . . . would possibly be too uncomfortable for some (if not most) to bear . . . knowing another was there witnessing their — the offered affect to the inner . . . expose . . . going on

    Great question, THANK you.

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  3. Peterbread says:

    You could add in family and friends or yourself. What are we actually capable of? We all have a darker side in us. But is it necessarily a bad thing? Could this help you to become the best possible version of yourself.

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