Constitution Survey

I conducted a survey and asked 100 people if they have ever read the entire US Constitution.  Honestly, I was surprised by the results.  I expected a lot more negative responses.


The main purpose of the survey was to get people thinking about the Constitution and hopefully inspire them to read it.  How can we ensure our rights and freedoms remain, if we don’t know what we are entitled to as American citizens?


8 thoughts on “Constitution Survey

  1. Yes, I have. I’m not expert on it, of course, but I periodically have to verify which amendment did this or that. Regardless, since so much of American life focuses on that document, it is important to be aware of what that document says. Yes, I have my little pocket edition that someone sent me in the mail a long time ago, but I usually go to the Internet to find specific details in it.

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  2. 53 people said they read the Constitution, but did they all actually read it? But hey, it’s Independence Day, so maybe the cynic in me should go shooting off some fireworks instead of his mouth. Happy 4th!

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  3. I am a retired teacher of U.S. History and American Government. Every year in both the history and the government classes, we did an entire unit on the Constitution and went through it line by line. Those students who had me as a teacher for both subjects got to go through it twice, line by line. 🙂

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