Taking Drastic Measures

I’ve battled with my weight most of my life.  Over the years, I managed to lose up to a 100 pounds only to regain the weight.

That’s when I decided to take drastic measures.  I called a surgeon and asked about bariatric surgery.

Before the surgery date, I had to participate in a weight loss program, talk with a nutritionist, get a psychiatric evaluation, and there were few other things that needed to be accomplished.

I managed to meet all those goals and my insurance company gave their approval.  I had the surgery last Thursday (16 August).

I am looking forward to starting my new life, now that I have the tools to succeed.


20 thoughts on “Taking Drastic Measures

  1. What so many thousands of doctors fail to see, because they are programmed to find “depression” is that insulin resistance will inhibit weight loss and even cause massive weight gain. Over more than 35 years, at least as many excellent doctors failed to see my type 2 diabetes. It was only after I ended up in ER that I was diagnosed. This happened two days after a visiting radiologist from Benghazi in Libya, after having observed me for a few days as a friend, told me that he suspected that I was diabetic. Why don’t doctors not see this? Because they think that a blood test completes a picture. Anyone who is overweight is most likely insulin resistant or even fully diabetic. One must look at the entire person, not a blood strip. Doctors, please wake up.

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  2. Irene Wood says:

    Go you, Lynn! Excited for you in this new endeavor. One of my best friends had bariatric surgery several years ago and has had excellent results. You will do great!

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