Life is a Beautiful Ride

Sometimes life is like a bike ride through the country.  It’s full of joy, laughter, and peace. During those times, all is smooth and wonderful.

Other times, life is like a rollercoaster ride with twists, turns, and flips that send your world upside-down.  These times will leave you feeling frightened and apprehensive.

If you are on the bike, enjoy your time.  Don’t allow your fears of the rollercoaster to destroy your good moments.

If you are on the rollercoaster, remember it will not last forever.  Just hold on tight and look forward to being on that bike again one day.


2 thoughts on “Life is a Beautiful Ride

  1. I mightn’t board the roller coaster of my own volition.
    Once underway, there may be a few scares, but there will also be thrills I would not have known otherwise.
    Life is more than a beautiful ride.
    It is a vast country full of roads to ply, and in the middle a carnival, with every ride you could imagine, and a few you couldn’t.

    Seek peace,



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