Australian Cattle Dog by Hilary Lewis


Hilary Lewis describes Australian Cattle Dogs as loyal, tenacious, intelligent, independent, active, hard working, protective, courageous, possessive, suspicious of strangers, aloof, stubborn, and as having a dominate personality streak.

Australian Cattle dogs are great, but before you decide to adopt one you need to know what to expect.  They are not easy dogs.  Without proper training, an Australian Cattle Dog can wreak havoc in your life.

If you are considering adopting an Australian Cattle Dog, I highly recommend this book.

I have an Australian Cattle Dog, so I was laughing and shacking my head the whole time I was reading it.


5 thoughts on “Australian Cattle Dog by Hilary Lewis

  1. I love these dogs and they are very popular on the ranches in Alberta, Canada. I included one in my book, Amanda in Alberta-The Writing on the Stone. I named him Bart, as in Bart Simpson because he has an attitude.

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  2. We had a Red Heeler cattle dog. He did grab heels of strangers which was a bit disconcerting to those not used to get heeled. He was one of the best dogs we ever had. Very sturdy and totally faithful and protective.


  3. A helpful post and good advice for anyone looking to adopt a dog.
    One should look into the temperament and maintenance required for any species they are unfamiliar with.
    Some breeds have long lists!



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