It’s my Birthday and I Want to Have a Mid-Life Crisis

I am 45 years old today and I am ready to have a mid-life crisis.  Here are a few of the things I am considering.

  1. Marring a rockstar
  2. Taking part in a brawl
  3. Buying a Harley-Davidson
  4. Becoming a stand-up comedian
  5. Becoming a cryptozoologist
  6. Becoming a NASCAR driver
  7. Becoming a volunteer firefighter
  8. Learning to play the drums

Do you have any ideas for my mid-life crisis?  Let me know in the comment section.


26 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday and I Want to Have a Mid-Life Crisis

  1. Happy Birthday, Lynn. Build a good Bucket List and if you aren’t in a mid-life crisis by the time you finish – Take a ride on a camel or hop in a race car – when all else fails… have a stiff drink!

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  2. Happy Birthday, Lynn! I remember my 45th birthday all too well. That was the time I started multiplying my age by two. If members of my family were still alive at the doubled age, I was OK, but when I started getting into ages where twice my age was a number no human being ever achieved…well, no one in my family achieved 140 years! LOL!

    Enjoy the time you have and make it count. After literal middle age (a number you can only guess at by my method), you have the benefit of experience and the profound understanding that you WILL die, but that time is in the future, not something to worry about. It is normal, natural, but not some tragedy unique to you. Relax and enjoy the day!

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  3. Happy Birthday! Forty five is still a youngster, in my eyes. I don’t think participating in a brawl is your best choice, but hey, it’s your birthday. It might make it a memorable one, if you survive. LOL How about scuba diving or taking up running or some other form of exercise.

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  4. Sharron Horton says:

    I suggest going to Nantahala National Forest innNC and taking a Zip Line through the tree tops. If I were younger I would do that!
    Hope your midlife crisis doesn’t get you in too much trouble! Lol

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  5. LOL! Hey, you’re jumping the gun! Life begins at Fifty. You got five more years before you can really go off the deep end! Glad to see you’ve started a list. You’ll soon forget where you put it, along with your car keys. Happy birthday!

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  6. Happy Birthday, young woman. My goodness Lynn, as I approach my 70th, the 45 year mark is so far behind me I can barely remember it. But I do remember that my life improved substantially after that. May yours do the same! 🙂

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