The Pain of Writer’s Block

What does it feel like to have writer’s block?

The blank page is mocking me:
You call yourself a writer, yet there is not one word on my surface.  You are a loser.

My mind feels as blank as the page.  Maybe the creative section of my brain went on a vacation without telling me.

How do you break free from writer’s block?

The best way to break free from this misery is to start writing.

  • Write whatever comes to your mind
  • Write random words
  • Make a list (favorite books, people you know, childhood memories, things you need to buy at the store)
  • Describe something you can see.  Write about how it looks, feels, or is used.

Writing is the best way to smash through a writer’s block.


One thought on “The Pain of Writer’s Block

  1. I agree. I’ve found writing to be the best way to break the block. Just start writing. Sometimes it doesn’t produce much good, but it often gets the machine going. Sometimes the first half of what I write is crap, but then it starts to gel, and I end up with some keeper work.
    If I write and write and it’s all crap, then I reassure myself I did, in fact, have an uninspired day.
    Though it may not be good, it is still creative writing, after all.

    Seek peace,


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