3 thoughts on “What Makes Me Country

  1. My wife and I both had adult children when we were married. Her kids grew up in the country while mine grew up in the suburbs – and though they get along, there was always an urban/rural tension between them.

    One day her kids were over and the conversation turned to my kids.

    “They think we are a couple of rednecks,” my daughter-in-law complained.
    “That’s not true,” I told her, “In fact, they are more rednecky than you.”
    She didn’t believe me for a moment.
    “Let me tell you a little story,” I told her, “when their great-grandma died, she donated her body to the medical school [she was that kind of wonderful person]. So it took over a year to get her ashes back and she had special request upon their return. She was passionate about skeet shooting, so she asked that some of her ashes be loaded into shotgun shells and fired over the skeet range.”
    My step-kids dropped their jaws.
    “Now THAT is more rednecky than ANYTHING we would do!” they acknowledged

    Our family has a new found respect.

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