Combustible Sushi


I decided to try sushi a few years ago, even though I don’t like fish.

I ordered a sampler plate.  I also ordered a plate of nachos with black beans and jalapeno.

My plan was to take a bite of each type of sushi and then have the nachos for lunch.

About an hour later, I started feeling sick.  I had a bad case of heartburn and indigestion.  It just kept getting worse.  I was hot all over, even my back was hot.

I thought I was about to spontaneously combust.

One thought on “Combustible Sushi

  1. i know the feeling, those sauces can be very hot, sushi is such a delicate food, small for a reason, try a burger next time, a big mac with extra cheese, you will soon forget the sushi, smile…

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