I’m Sorry – A Hard Thing to Say


Apologizing is not always easy.  You have to be willing to admit to doing wrong, to being ignorant, or to hurting someone.  It takes strength and personal courage to apologize.

When delivering an apology be real and be willing to admit you were wrong.  We all make mistakes.  How you handle those mistakes is a demonstration of your personal character.



7 thoughts on “I’m Sorry – A Hard Thing to Say

  1. Interesting post. I would add, be sincere or don’t apologise at all. It sounds obvious, but I would say that of all the apologies I have received in my life, more than 90% have been insincere, by which I mean they have been delivered sulkily, or passive-aggressively, or with caveats and additions. Very often they have clearly been made only so that the apologiser can then say to others, ‘Well I apologised, I don’t know what else I could have done….’ So yes, make your apology sincere or don’t bother, IMHO.


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