But, I Don’t Like Running


I read this book to get tips on improving my technique and to run with less stress.

According to the author, “If you adjust your running style to landing mid-foot, you will see an improvement in speed and comfort.”

This is something I want to try.  If you have used this running technique let me know how it works for you.

3 thoughts on “But, I Don’t Like Running

  1. Hi Lynn,
    For whatever it is worth to you. I swear by it.

    I am not a “true” runner and never have been. At best, I was an occasional jogger with sporadic bouts of jogging for a few months every few years.

    I had lots of problems with shin splints, lower back pain, etc.

    I switched to mid-foot striking and minimalist shoes and have never looked back.

    I got my inspiration from “Born To Run” by Chris McDougall and followed up with “Chi Running” by Danny Dreyer.

    I have had some noticeable “side effects”. My arches have grown and now I have to buy longer shoes because my regular size no longer fits. Other than that (and some arthritis in one foot), I stopped having planar, shin splints, aching knees and a bad back.

    So, yeah. I would recommend mid-foot running.


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