Happy Birthday Alabama

I went to an exhibit at the Huntsville Botanical Garden honoring the 200th birthday of Alabama.  It gave a brief overview of our history and a look at what is in store for Alabama in the future.

1700 to 1815 – Europeans explored the area and disrupted the sovereignty of the Indian nations.

1815 to 1860 – Alabama was a rugged frontier, but during this time period it changed to an ante-bellum society.

1860 to 1875 – The Civil War raged throughout Alabama.  It divided families and communities.

1875 to 1940 – Alabama saw a period of massive growth due to iron and coal mining.  This opened the way for a boom in higher education.

1940 to 1965 – Alabama went thorough a cultural transformation due to WWII and the Civil Rights movement.

1965 to 1990 – Rocket scientist from Germany moved to Alabama.  They helped create the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville.  NASA and other government agencies set up locations in Alabama.

1990 and Beyond –  Alabama has a diverse and global reach that will help it succeed well into the future.